Jody Kovaks

I hate ppl touching my stuff and it makes me feel gross when someone helps me clean. I reached a point where I needed help and badly. I gave my keys to the Go2Girls! They transformed our home! They made me LOVE our home again! I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work... I absolutely recommend them 110% 

Kristin Rheault

Oh my god....... after a few days in & out of the hospital with two small children at home, my house was a freaking disaster. I contacted La Toya to see if she could possibly squeeze me in at any point in the day, she asked me for my address and less than an hour later her and Jaden were here. They spent an hour and I’ve never seen anyone clean so fast or so efficiently. My entire place is completely spotless, including inside of my microwave. I’m amazed at the professionalism and attention to detail. Thank you so very much. I couldn’t give a higher recommendation 

Stephanie Cohan

 I can’t thank La Toya and her team enough for coming to my house and giving it a good clean for me. I’m 8 months pregnant with a crazy 6 year old and the thought of cleaning the house and getting it organized before the baby comes stressed me out lol but the second I opened the door to my house the smell was amazing and how organized and clean everything was made me so happy and a weight lifted off my shoulders! These girls are amazing at what they do! I’m 1000% getting them to come back after I have the baby! Thank you girls so much!! 

Shawna Borden

I have never had someone clean my house so I didn’t know what to expect. I thought they would clean the surfaces and do the bathrooms and wash the floors. I was so wrong. They did all that and more. It was as if I was cleaning. The attention to detail and organized system was stunning. From room to room they tidied, organized and cleaned EVERYTHING!!!! I have 2 kids under 3 years old and a big dog so our windows, floors and walls are always covered in hair and/or food. It’s been so nice to enjoy a clean house!!! I would highly recommend Go2Girl. I look forward to having them back! 

Chaslynn Gillanders

 La Toya has been cleaning and tidying up around my house for 2.5 years and she does a great job!! She knows my household so well that she knows what to do without me providing direction. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed, I don't have time to prepare a list of what I would like her to do.

I call La Toya whenever I am in a jam, whether it is taking my kids age 3 and 4 to programs (they adore her BTW!), helping at parties, picking up party platters, etc... She is extremely pleasant, my guests have commented about her warm, friendly personality.

La Toya also has great problem solving abilities. She assisted at my daughter's baptism and when the platters were ordered for the incorrect date, she managed to convince them to quickly fulfill the order. We were in a church service and she managed to address the situation without involving us.

Highly recommend La Toya, she has so many great qualities which have made my life easier!

Marianna Domb

I don’t have enough words to thank those AMAZING girls ! And nothing that i’ll tell will not describe what EXELLENT job they have done at my place. They clean and organized everything more then I ever expected.
You’re my heroes